Hey, SCLD!

My name is Curtis Lue – I’m a health and wellness enthusiast, advocate of healthy living, and a proud member of  the York University community. Allow me tell you…


I guess it’s fair to say that my “non academic” experience here at this fine institution has been something a growth experience. It’s been a journey. It’s been a discovery. And it’s gotten better every year. So…where to begin..

First year was just as awkward exciting as my wise, older peers had told me it would be. Here I am, just as shy as many other first years before me, seeking out some sort of community to take me through next four long years. It was first year I discovered the jar of opportunities to be opened at York – teams, clubs, evens, communities – places and people that would shape what I would learn and how I would grow over the next four years. It was here I joined my first university team – the dragonboat team here, the York University Seawolves. And that year was a blast.

Second year challenged me in new and exciting ways, with things that made me grow, both as an academic and a leader. My marketing skills were put to the test both inside and outside of the classroom, as I developed new social media skills, and tactics as the marketing coordinator for the Seawolves here at York, all the while learning what it means to step up and out of my shell in order to be a leader.

Now finishing my third year, I have grown to appreciate the opportunities that I have taken here. It’s gotten more challenging, more exciting, and has definitely taught me things I doubt I would know if I hadn’t seized those opportunities.

The last three years has had its ups and its downs, but have been an indispensable learning experience for me.

So what does “community”  at York mean to me now?


My dragonboat crew – the York University Seawolves.
These guys mean the world to me – I’ve learned so much here about what it means to be a leader,
a teammate, and developing healthy lifestyles and relationships.

IMG_20150324_110857 (1)

My fitness friends.
The Tait McKenzie Centre has offered me so much to learn outside of the classroom.
The people I’ve met here have taught me so much about what it means to be active,
and to develop healthy habits, how to strike up conversation, and then some. It’s really
given me a sense of community – I’m there every morning now!


My study buddies.
Ah, my digital marketing team – some of the best!
This is the team I’ve built on what I know about digital marketing – and these
guys have offered so many different perspectives on it for me to build on. And this
is just one of the many clever teams that I’ve had the privilege to work with.

So, this is my story at York thus far.  These experiences have made my time here in the YU community all the more richer- and I’m not done yet. And I have no doubt that every other student here has their own story to tell as well – I’m looking forward to see where it takes us!

(Incidentally, this is going to be my first blog post – how cool is that?)